Monday, August 27, 2018

Conferencia Empoderando a las Mamas Latinas en la comunidad canadiense. Agosto 31, 10am-1pm

La búsqueda de apoyo, inspiración y herramientas durante la ardua labor de ser madre, puede llegar a sentirse como un proyecto solitario y complicado; especialmente en un contexto cultural que no necesariamente entiende de dónde venimos. A esto se suma la necesidad de hablar o entender un idioma diferente (o varios). Así es como muchas Mamás empiezan a sentirse desanimadas y aisladas, lejos de espacios que comprendan nuestros procesos personales y familiares.
Les invitamos a que vegan y disfruten de una conferencia sobre liderazgo y actividades de empoderamiento personal y grupal desde el contexto de la maternidad, que nos permita seguir construyendo espacios seguros, inclusivos y accesibles para nosotrxs.
Por favor regístrate antes del 29 de Agosto con Miriam Arteaga L de Mamás Latinas en Canadá.
Viernes 31 de Agosto de 10am a 1pm.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

About the Mayan New Year Waxaq'ib B'atz' Sacred Fire Ceremony

Once more we are near the beginning of a new cycle of time according to the sacred Mayan Moon/Lunar calendar the Cholq'ij. This is  one of the most important events of this calendar, it is called the Waxaq'ib B'atz, which is when the new account of time with the code 20/13 starts. Since this calendar consists of 260 days, the date on which the Waxaq'ib B'atz 'is celebrated does not always coincide with the same date of the previous year in the Gregorian calendar. Each new cycle has intrinsic extraordinary potential to create, manifest and share our dreams and inspirations of life on a more global and powerful level. Implicit in this potential are a number of possibilities, both positive and negative, so it's up to us to get the best of them to keep growing as individuals, communities and as a planet. Personally I feel a great enthusiasm to embrace what this new cycle will brings us, always remembering that the attitude with which we take life is what will give us the perspective of this creative or negative potential.

Now, with regard to the more specific questions about the Sacred Chol'qij calendar and the ceremony itself on the Waxaq'ib B'atz 'day, I would like to share the following:

This calendar derives its name from the Maya K'iche terms
Chol = the counting things or putting them in order 
Q'ij = sun or day 
From the Kiche to the Spanish language, we can understand this translation as “to count the days in order”.

The Cholq'ij or sacred Mayan Moon calendar consists of 260 days, and has two main applications: the first is to locate the appropriate days for collective activities, and the second is of individual interference, that is, it helps us to know the natural behaviour and trait characteristics of a person depending on the energy of the day of their birth, which tells us its positive and negative aspects.

This calendar was configured from the movements that the moon makes around the earth. The oldest documentary references we find about the Cholq'in date back to the so-called Madrid codex.

The Waxaq'ib B'atz 'is a very important date and it is celebrated with a sacred Fire ceremony, this ceremony is fundamental since it is a way of connection with the Creator and Designer of all called by the Mayan people “Bitol Tzacol” to thank the kindness and the proofs received during the previous cycle and those that will be received in the new cycle; as well as to ask for the best auguries for the community during the next 260 days. The ceremony begins by creating the altar for Toj'il, the Sacred Fire, the ceremonial materials are placed and the space is prepared to carry out the ceremony. Sacred space is created by invoking the presence, support and protection of the Creator and Designer Bitol Tzacol, of the Balameb who are known as the guardian ancestors of the sacred directions, the spirit of the Heart of Heaven and the Heart of the Earth, as well as our own consciousness, which allows us to be present and connected to the present moment. Once the ceremony is open, the time count begins. What does this mean? In order to understand the meaning of time counting, it is important to contextualize the ancient Mayans who since ancient times have had a very special (almost obsessive) connection to the cycles of time. They developed the wisdom and the tools to understand the cosmos and its cyclical movements from a scientific, spiritual and practical perspective, creating calendars that at the present time are still the most accurate and aligned with the conception of time by modern science. That said, counting time means honouring the specific energy of each day of the month (20 days in a month, these days are called: B’atz’, E, Aj, I’x, T’zikin, Ajmaq, No’j, Tijax, Kawoq, Ajpu, Imox, I’q, Ak’ab’al, K’at, Kan, Kame, Kej, Q’anil, Toj, T’zi’) 

The count begins honouring first the energy of the day that the ceremony takes place, until the complete return of the 20 energies of the Cholq'ij. Each energy is counted 13 times, Ex. 1 B’atz’, 2 B’atz’, 3 B’atz’, 4 B’atz’, 5 B’atz’, 6 B’atz’, 7 B’atz’, 8 B’atz’, 9 B’atz’, 10 B’atz’, 11 B’atz’, 12 B’atz’, 13 B’atz’. During the count, personal and community offerings are made before the Fire when each one of the 20 energies are mentioned. This offerings consist of different coloured candles (White, yellow, red and black) sesame seeds, sugar, incense, tobacco, cacao, etc. Once the counting is finished, the space is opened to the spoken word, at this moment all the attendees have the opportunity to share their thoughts, inspirations, or comments. When everyone has had the opportunity to speak, the Elders may share their insights and the messages they have gotten from interpreting the Fire, also the may share advise or general comments to the community,  and finally the ceremony is closed. Attendees can then share food and enjoy music, dancing and social life if they wish. Many people come to this ceremony and it becomes a great celebration,

Mayan spirituality and its teachings are open to anyone who wants to learn more and enter this fascinating ancestral world. It is not a religious practice, but rather a lifestyle that is adopted from a deep understanding of ourselves, the Cosmos and Nature. It is something that many people are currently starting to know, understand and share, since it opens a path of genuine connection with the Universe, with oneself and with the community itself. Its foundation goes back in wisdom and ancient traditions, however offering a new paradigm of spirituality without dogmas, an opportunity to communicate with our own inner wisdom and a way to relate sincerely to our community, our world, our planet and what is beyond .

If you want to learn more about the Mayan Cosmovision and part take on one of these Fire ceremonies, you can reach out to the Waxaq'ib Qojoom Maya Grandparents Council in Toronto. Find us on Facebook.

Tania Borja

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

El Mercadito, Arte, Pachanga & Accion. June 2nd, 3-10pm Lunae Healing Arts with Colectiva Abya Yala

Hi Folks! Amigxs!

Save the date! This event will be extra fun. Organized by Colectiva Abya Yala, Art, Pachanga and Action is an event for families and folks to come together over music, art, food, crafts, performance and games! Free entrance.

I'm so glad I have been invited to be a part of this, I'll be offering mini Aroma-therapy massage (neck, shoulders and head) on site 10 min. $10  Pre-registration is recommended. 

I'll be also showcasing my latest Lunae Jewels Collection Kids Rock!
Check out my facebook page for a quick peak at the available designs.
$3 off on any item purchased on site. Mention you saw this post on blogger!

June 2, 3-10pm. 720 Spadina Ave. Free entrance

See you there!

Allá nos vemos!!

Thank you Dress Responsibly!

It was wonderful to be part of this event. I had so much fun, I got to meet some nice and fashion responsible women and had an opportunity to do and share what I love doing, Holistic Self care.

Here are the pictures from Tropicana Clothing Swap event.

Thank you all who made this possible. What a blast!!

Tropicana Clothing Swap Pictures on Facebook May, 2018

Monday, May 7, 2018

Lunae Healing Arts holistic health services at Tropicana Clothing Swap event. May 12th 2-4:30pm

This Saturday, May 12th, from 2-4:30pm. Enjoy some holistic services with Lunae Healing Arts as part of Tropicana Clothing Swap.
Take care of yourself with:
10 min. Reflexo-Aroma Massage (treat hands, head and feet with gentle reflexology strokes and relaxing aromatherapy ambience)
10 min. Reflexo-Reiki treatment (center and revitalize with gentle reiki and reflexology moves)
Bonus: Warm facial towel and nice relaxing ambience. Treatments will be done in a private area away from the swapping frenzy!
I invite you to pre-register for any of the treatments offered by sending a message to Pre-registration allows you a discounted rate ($8 per mini treatment. Regular $10) and a free gift from Lunae Healing Arts.
Spaces still available:
2:30, 2:50, 3:10, 3:30, 3:50, 4:10pm.
Let's get swapping and caring for ourselves!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

REFLEXO-REIKI & REFLEXO-AROMA treatments by Lunae Healing Arts at Clothing Swap Tropicana event. Sat. May 5th

I just drop off my contribution to the Tropicana Clothing Swap. What a beautiful space EleveteHer Boutique has! I really liked the vibe of the whole Women on the Move centre, so relaxing and uplifting! I can’t wait for the upcoming event on Saturday, May 5th, from 2-4:30pm. I will be offering some holistic services  with Lunae Healing Arts. 

10 min. Reflexo-Aroma Massage (treat hands, head and feet with gentle reflexology strokes and relaxing aromatherapy ambience)
10 min. Reflexo-Reiki treatment (center and revitalize with gentle reiki and reflexology moves)

To avoid waiting in line you can pre-register for any of the treatments offered by sending a message to Lunae’s inbox. Pre-registration allows you a discounted rate ($8 per mini treatment. Regular $10)

Spaces available:
2:30,  2:50, 3:10, 3:30, 3:50, 4:10pm.
Let's get swapping and To avoid waiting in line you can pre-register for any of the treatments offered by sending a message on the event's page. Pre-registration allows you a discounted rate ($8 per mini treatment)
Spaces available:
2:30,  2:50, 3:10, 3:30, 3:50, 4:10pm.
Let's get swapping and Cheers!